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Our Mission is to expand the Kingdom of God through:

Communion with God

Our basic and most fundamental purpose for existing as human beings is to reflect God’s glory as we come to know Him through our relationship with Him. Though sin broke our relationship and marred our reflection, our purpose has not changed. With a new relationship with God through Christ we focus on our relationships with God and one another as we allow the Spirit of God to reflect Christ through us .

Compassion for Humanity

The Holy Scriptures teach that Jesus was filled with compassion for humanity. He was so concerned for humanity’s needs that He became one of us to meet them! At Shiloh we strive to be filled with that same compassion, to identify with those who are lost, oppressed and struggling and to help lead them to the One who can set them free.

Commitment to Discipleship

Before he returned to heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to make disciples. At Shiloh we are committed to becoming and producing followers of the Lord Jesus Christ-people who look like Jesus, act like Jesus and talk like Jesus.