It’s Time to Raise the Roof!

Imagine singing “Let It Rain” in the congregation on Sunday…

¯Open the floodgates of heaven….¯
¯let it rain…¯

Then all of a sudden, you feel raindrops on the top of your head.  That was almost us.  God has blessed us with a tremendous worship center, but it comes with the responsibility to maintain it so that we can use it for ministry in His name.  Our physical building has some pressing concerns.  The roof and HVAC systems must be replaced, and we simply must raise $50,000 to address those concerns and replace some of the reserves in our “rainy day” fund.

It’s time to RAISE THE ROOF!

Something’s Happening Here…

As challenging as things are not only at the church but in the world around us, it’s obvious that God is up to something.  There is a different spirit moving in and amongst us: people of all ages are getting excited about God and about His Word. Worship is changing.  People are stepping up and finding their place in the body.  The tide is rising, and it is lifting all boats.  Our leaders have stepped up to the challenge of this moment and are doing what they can to get the job done – and it is obvious that GOD IS IN THE MIDST! Not have they pledged but they have paid – some have even doubled their original commitments!

How Can I Raise the Roof?

That’s a good question (I’m glad you’ve asked)!  This campaign is about more than just paying for a roof or an HVAC system.  It’s about raising the ceiling of what’s possible for you in your walk with God.  If you feel something is missing in your life or you are struggling with something or you want to go to another level with God, it’s time to let Him raise the standard – IT’S TIME TO RAISE THE ROOF!  There are four ways in which you can do this:

Raise the Roof with Your Prayers

Sometimes change is hard.  And sometimes it is exceptionally hard.  The Bible teaches us that some things only come out by prayer (and fasting).  If you need a change of habit, a change of mind or maybe just a change in company you can call in on the Prayer Line at (740) 349-9135 on Mondays at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time).  Prayer changes people, and that can change everything!

Raise the Roof with Your Praise

When praise goes up, blessings come down!  Each Sunday at 11 AM we meet to praise the name of Jesus and to worship Him in a spirit of holiness.  The Bible teaches that praise is a weapon of warfare – and it is a powerful weapon indeed!  The devil cannot stand it when Jesus’ name is praised.  When you come to worship, come with a determination to praise God – regardless of your situation, your circumstance, your problems or your predicaments.  On Sunday, enter into His courts with thanksgiving and come into His courts with praise – come to worship with a mind SET on praising God and see what that does!

Raise the Roof with Your Participation

We need your involvement in preparation, training, ministry and communication. to get updates on the RAISE THE ROOF campaign, your own personal stewardship and the stewardship of your family, and for special access to exclusive Shiloh content sign up in the Members portal and update your contact information today!

Raise the Roof with Your Pocketbook

You can give or pledge today. This special offering should be given in addition to your normal tithes and offerings, not in place of them.  Proceeds for this campaign will go towards the restoration of our “rainy day” fund (Proverbs 6:6-8).  You can give by cash, check or money order directly to the church via postal mail or in person – just be sure to clearly print “Raise the Roof” on your check/money order/envelope along with your offering.  If you don’t have the full amount you wish to give, or you want to pay in installments you can fill out a pledge card online or in person – your pledge will be received and you will be periodically updated on your progress.