Dear Shiloh Family:

In light of the rapidly emerging COVID-19 pandemic we have taken immediate and decisive action on an Emergency Readiness Plan (ERP) for our congregation. The ERP progam is desgined to provide clear direction in terms of the events and services available throughout not just this present crisis, but any and all others that may come our way in the future. Though it is clear that the days and weeks ahead will be challenging, and until the Lord Jesus returns for us these crises will continue, we place our hope in the fact that God loves and protects s as a loving Father does His children. Even so, our Father gives us direction to act with wisdom and prudence in the affairs of life. Because of this we encourage you in the midst of this pandemic to PRAY, PLAN and PRAISE but never to PANIC!


Our Emergency Readiness Plan is a three-tiered plan that adjusts the operations of the church to meet the our current situation at any time. The top tier (Level I – Green) will be our normal level of worship. All church events, functions and activities will operate at full strength. The worship center will be open for worship, bible study and for all ministry activities. The second tier (Level II – Purple) is our restricted level of operation. The worship center will be open for a skeleton crew to produce a live-streamed Sunday worship service. Bible Study will be conducted online and all church operations at the worship center will be reduced to a minimum. The third and final tier (Level III – Black ) is the emergency level of operation. The worship center will be closed for worship, Bible study and ministry, but service will still be conducted online via live-stream. Church members will be encouraged to participate in worship via streamed audio and visual media.

The ERP Level will be changed as needed, and the current level will remain in effect until the next change. Changes in the ERP Level will be effective immediately.


In addition to the ERP, we are developing new protocols that will enhance worship and ministry at Shiloh regardless of the current ERP level. These protocols will enhance our ability to worship God and to learn His word, to serve in ministry and to contribute to the ministry of our church. We intend to take advantage of existing technology to continue to spread God’s word and to care for God’s children until Christ’s return.

We now have the ability to conduct meetings and classes online through the ZOOM Video Conferencing app. Through this program church members can connect and attend a class online with their computer, cell phone, tablet or even a regular telephone. This app will allow members to connect, learn and grow regardless of where they may be as long as they can join the meeting.


As other protocols come online, we will keep your informed – but in order to do so, we must be able to contact you! If you have not done so, please send your name and email address to the Church office at with the subject line “GET CONNECTED!!!” and request that we send you an email so that we can include you in our contact database.

Even in these tumultuous times, God has great and exciting things in store for us! We look forward to facing this challenge together with you by God’s help. In the meanwhile, please continue to pray for and care for one another. God bless you all!

Michael A. Noble, Pastor
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church