The Walk with God Series is a six-part instructional video series desgined to strengthen, encourage and build up the body in walk with God.  Topics include: The Secrets of Walking with God, Worldly Expectations, Your Future Is Now, Spiritual Warfare, Hanging Out With Jesus, and Enoch’s Walk.  Sessions will be held at the church March 4- April 8 at 12 noon and 6:30 PM.  THE TIDE IS RISING!!!


Download available study materials for each session here.

Outline Study Guide Answer Key
Session 1 X X X
Session 2 X X X
Session 3 X X X
Session 4 X X X
Session 5 X X X
Session 6 X X


Classes on Wednesdays at 12 Noon and 7:00 PM

3/4/20 – Session 1: The Secrets of Walking With God

3/11/20 – Session 2: Worldy Expectations

3/18/20 – Session 3: Your Future Is Now

3/25:20 – Session 4: Spiritual Warfare

4/1/20 – Session 5: Hanging Out With Jesus

4/8/20 – Session 6: Enoch’s Walk

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