This is a blog for people that are tired of believing LIES and want THE TRUTH.
There are so many ways to lie, it can be difficult to tell a lie when you hear one. Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying to you:

1)They will EXAGGERATE, make something seem better or worse than it really is.

2)They will MINIMIZE, downplay the importance or significance of something.

3)They will SUBSTITUTE, exchange by calling the ‘truth’ a ‘lie’ and a ‘lie’ the ‘truth.’

4)They will EQUIVOCATE, be unclear on purpose to confuse you to conceal the truth.

5)They will OMIT, not tell you all the facts on purpose to get you to do what they want.

NO MORE LIES! Lies Hurt: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

Jesus Christ has a word for you if you are tired of believing Lies and want THE Truth:

“If God were your father,” said Jesus, “you would love me, for I came from God and arrived here. I didn’t come on my own. He sent me. Why can’t you understand one word I say? Here’s why: You can’t handle it. You’re from your father, the Devil, and all you want to do is please him. He was a killer from the very start. He couldn’t stand the truth because there wasn’t a shred of truth in him. When the Liar speaks, he makes it up out of his lying nature and fills the world with lies. I arrive on the scene, tell you the plain truth, and you refuse to have a thing to do with me. Can any one of you convict me of a single misleading word, a single sinful act? But if I’m telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? Anyone on God’s side listens to God’s words. This is why you’re not listening—because you’re not on God’s side.” John 8:42-47 MSG

The devil is out to kill you by believing his lies! If you want to live, tell him NO MORES LIES in Jesus’ name!

Believe in JESUS and his WORD. Jesus is THE TRUTH that came down from heaven to set you free! John 8:31-32

Michael A. Noble, Senior Pastor
Michael A. Noble, Senior PastorShiloh Missionary Baptist Church
The Rev. Dr. Michael A. Noble is a bible teacher/preacher/pastor that has served the church for over 40 years. He continues to reach the world with the prophetic message that “Jesus is coming soon” through
Michael A. Noble Ministries. and ShilohNetChurch.


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