Welcome to our new group for those who want to go to the next level in their Walk with God.  Our new wwwDevotions group will engage in daily devotions and meet online for encouragement, enlightenment and edification.  This is how the group works:

Private Devotions:  Each member of the group will engage in daily private devotions using a selected book or series as a guide.  Members will read through the devotional guide, answering questions in the guide and reflecting on how they can apply to daily life. The devotional schedule can be found under the calendar.

Moderated Discussion:  Each day group members will be able to share in a moderated, online forum any questions, insights and inspirations they have as a result of their private devotional study. We are using the Facebook Group “Worship Without Walls (Shiloh Newark)” as our online forum.  Each day there will be a post for that day’s devotional topic.  Simply read and share your comments under that post.


What comes to mind when you hear the word discipline? Most people today don’t like this word—it conjures up images of punishments like going to timeout or serving a detention. Discipline does not always refer to punishment. It can also refer to the practice of training ourselves in a skill. We all discipline ourselves in various ways. The athlete disciplines herself by running every day and eating high-protein foods. The musician disciplines himself by practicing every day and memorizing notes and chord progressions. The satisfaction of doing anything with excellence only comes to those who put in the work. The same is true of our walks with Christ. If you want to walk in the fullness of joy promised to followers of Jesus, you must learn the value of discipline and commit to faithfully doing the things that lead to spiritual growth and joy in Christ. In Feed the Dog, we will unpack seven key practices or disciplines that will help us grow in our relationship with the God who made us. These disciplines will guide us to live out His purpose for our lives.


  • Day 1: You Are What You Eat
  • Day 2: Feed the Right Dog
  • Day 3: Resist the Temptation
  • Day 4: The Fruit Is In the Root
  • Day 5: Get Some Fresh Water
  • Day 6: No More Junk Food

Day 7: What Is True Worship?
Day 8: The Eye of Worship
Day 9: There Is None Like God
Day 10: The Apple of My Eye
Day 11: More Than Sunday Morning
Day 12: He Meets Me Where I Am

  • Day 13: Something You Can Trust
  • Day 14: Treasure Hidden in My Hand
  • Day 15: Removing the Veil
  • Day 16: Hearing God’s Voice
  • Day 17: Living His Word
  • Day 18: The Decision
  • Day 19: Talk to God
  • Day 20: Swing On Your Knees
  • Day 21: Your Blessing Are Waiting
  • Day 22: Do. Not. Stop.
  • Day 23: A Recipe for Prayer
  • Day 24: It’s Time for Real Talk
  • Day 25: Private Work, Public Reward
  • Day 26: Real Meditation
  • Day 27: Make Space for Jesus
  • Day 28: Get Away to See His Face
  • Day 29: Big God, Little Voice
  • Day 30: The Importance of a Sabbath
  • Day 31: When Should I Fast?
  • Day 32: Why Should I Fast?
  • Day 33: Fasting and Prayer
  • Day 34: Fasting and Food
  • Day 35: Getting Down to the Real Issue
  • Day 36: Discovering the Source of Life
  • Day 37: “I” Must Be in Min_stry
  • Day 38: God’s Goal in Ministry
  • Day 39: God’s Gifts Us to Minister
  • Day 40: Go! NOW!!!
  • Day 41: Start Small in Ministry
  • Day 42: Your Ministry is in Your Midst
  • Day 43: Spiritual Growth Requires Community
  • Day 44: God’s Idea of Community
  • Day 45: Following God’s Lead
  • Day 46: Turning “Me” Into “We”
  • Day 47: God is Real!
  • Day 48: When We Become a Community