To our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to the general public at large:

Due to the nature and severity of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and in light of the delicate medical conditions of many of our members, church leaders and our reverend clergy, we have suspended funeral operations and services until further notice.

As children of Adam, we empathize with the bereaved families in the profound pain of their loss, particularly in the shadow of this virulent disease.  As children of God, we rest in the knowledge that He can and will traverse any obstacle or boundary to provide the comfort and peace that only His Spirit can provide. And as brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life, we take comfort in the hope that death is not the end; it is merely a transition of the soul to its eternal destiny with God for the believer, which is guaranteed regardless of how that transition is observed by those who remain in the flesh.

We pledge to keep all bereaved families in our thoughts and our prayers during this time.  If they so desire, they may leave a special tribute to their loved one on our Memorial Wall.  If families desire and as conditions permit we would be more than happy to observe services of memory for their loved ones in the future.  May God bless you and keep you through this critical hour.