One day God showed me that I spend much of my time in prayer asking Him for things, but not much time saying, “Thank You”- and not much time listening for what He wants from me.

I ask for help, I ask for deliverance, I ask for peace, I ask for joy, I ask for…

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with asking God for things.  After all He’s my Heavenly Father; I’m SUPPOSED to do that.  But even I teach my kids to say thank you after I give them something…so why is it that I keep moving on to the next thing on my list?

I know what I want from God…but what does God want from me?

I give my children things because I love them.  I see their needs (and some of their desires) and I want to bless them.  But what motivates me is that I really want to have a harmonious relationship with them where they appreciate me-not just what I’ve done for them, but why.  I want them to know that I love them and to be affected by that, to have that impact their life.  That would bring me a special kind of joy.

Is God any different?

Just for today, Lord I just want to come to You to say thank You.
Not to ask for anything; Yes I have needs, and You know what they are.
But TODAY, right now, I want to put aside my ‘laundry list.’
I just want to appreciate You.
For all the times you have met my needs – I want to say, “Thank You.”
You do it because You love me.
Thank You for loving me…
I love You too!